Anthony Pinter.

certain songs are cursed.

It's just like that sudden feeling of being transported somewhere, three months ago, or years ago. When you felt a whole different way, or like when you were phenomenally happy, and then that makes you miserable cause you're really not that happy now. Or it's back to the time when you were so sad, like so sad. When everything was falling apart and you're like 'I don't wanna be here, like why is this song doing this to me?'

There's so many songs like that, and it's just that song and it just fills inside you, and just, is overwhelming. And you suddenly think of that person, and you're like 'oh, I miss them so much,' and then you're like, 'wait, no I don't, I just like this song.'

So it's hard and horrible that a bunch of words and a melody can make you feel that.

-- "Concret1" by Johnny Foreigner (2012)

Inspired in part by the above interstitial track off of Johnny Foreigner's 2012 album "Johnny Foreigner vs Everything", and by my work on digital possessions and connections after a break-up, this project tackles core questions, including:
  1. What is a better definition of what a digital possession is?
  2. What is the connection between digital possessions and the memories and emotions one experienced during and after a break-up?