Journal Papers

Pinter, A. T., Goldman, B., & Novotny, E. C. (2017). Pennsylvania Perspectives of the 2016 Election: A Project to Collect Web and Social Media Content Around Significant Societal Events. Accepted for publication in Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice.

Pinter, A. T., & Goldman, B. (2017). Recount: Revisiting the 42nd Canadian Federal Election to Evaluate the Efficacy of Retroactive Tweet Collection. Code4Lib, 37.

Buck, H. G., Pinter, A. T., Poole, E. S., Chan, J., Balaban, E., Foy, A., Black, S., Boehmer, J., Pogash, R., & Lloyd, T. (2017). Qualitative description of the technology end-user experience from The Penn State Heart Assistant web-based intervention. Geriatric Nursing.

Lloyd, T., Buck, H., Foy, A., Black, S., Pinter, A. T., Pogash, R., … & Smyth, J. (2017). The Penn State Heart Assistant: A pilot study of a web-based intervention to improve self-care of heart failure patients. Health Informatics Journal, 1460458217704247.

Conference Papers

Pinter, A. T., Wisniewski, P. J., Xu, H., Rosson, M. B., & Caroll, J. M. (2017, June). Adolescent Online Safety: Moving Beyond Formative Evaluations to Designing Solutions for the Future. In Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children (pp. 352-357). ACM.

Other Publications of Note

Pinter, A. T. & Goldman, B. (2017, April). Measuring sentiment during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election using emoji analysis. Presented at the College of Engineering Research Symposium (CERS), University Park, PA.

Pinter, A. T. (2016, November). “I Thought You Were a Girl:” How Images and GIFs can Influence Perception of Gender Online. Presented at the Third Rutgers iSchool Invitational, New Brunswick, NJ.